About Us

Tees 4 Teachers has a three-part business. We work with Schools, Businesses, and Artist! 

We provide promotional items including apparel, hats, pillow, mugs, and more with your custom logos on them!

We felt it was time to stop taking a profit and give it back to teachers, educators, and schools that need it most. We got tired of hearing about teachers that couldn’t do more because of budget and income restrictions.

 Our company’s tagline is, Do It For the Kids. 

We want you to do what you love, not to take a profit, but to make a difference. While we do charge the same as most other companies we give back all of the profit!

Every purchase you make with us will change a life! Go you, way to be awesome for doing what you already planned to do anyway


This Non-Profit was Founded by Michael Gallagher and supported by family to honor our father Lt. Col. J. R. ‘Chick’ Gallagher. 

Your Legacy will GIVE forever

~ We love you dad ~